Berry Lava

I have found a muffin recipe that typically works really well for me. I made it twice this week since I was traveling for work and wanted to have some quick breakfast foods on hand. My partner loves this recipe and he enjoys eating them for breakfast as well. Just when I thought I had the recipe mastered, I ask him to coconut-oil the muffin tin and they come out oddly dense on the exterior and oddly wet on the inside.

Maybe I didn’t mix it well enough, which could easily be the issue.

Also, aesthetically, they are not pleasing. The recipe calls to add in berries to the top of the muffins and push them in to sink into the batter. For some reason, mine ALWAYS come out like black pools of lava on the tin. Along with the huge concave black hole effect that usually happens where the berries are placed…


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  1. I think these look delicious 🙂

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    1. failurewithfood says:

      Thank you! They’re actually pretty good! Adapted from

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      1. Lovely, thank you for the link 🙂


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