Lost my Recipe Book

I came down to San Diego for the weekend to visit one of my closest friends and brought my hand-written recipe book. Recipes my mom showed me that were gluten free, dairy free, egg free, almond free, etc. that actually worked well. Modified again and again to suit taste and texture.

We planned to make dinner together and bake partly because it’s nearly impossible to actually feel good after I eat out and partly because we thought it would be fun. But really, it was for the story.

When I was getting off the trolley literally two minutes away from her place, I got off the trolley and left my duffel bag on the trolley. Car keys, office keys, house keys, passport, checkbook, hand-written recipe book. Among other things I can easily part with. Pretty scary to be honest. This post isn’t a failure with food, obviously, it’s more just a failure. I can laugh about it, as I can laugh about falling down the stairs trying to intersect the same train and bruising my foot. At the end of the day, failure = resiliency?


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