I Cry Cutting Onions

I am not a gifted cook. Much less a baker.

Modifying to fit my health needs as well as enjoyable foods is challenging.

Living with food intolerance is difficult. Eating too much of these foods and eating when my body is particularly stressed can both cause continuous and sudden nausea, huge increases in burping and sometimes a sense of painful trapped gas (in my case anyway).


  • Gluten (including beer)
  • Egg (white & yolk)
  • Casein (essentially all dairy)
  • Almonds

I was, and still am for the most part, really embarrassed to ask if something contains this or that. That’s why these allergen-friendly restaurants are so great! But who can eat out all the time?

So I make a lot of crumbling cookies, burn garlic on the stove, and under-cook chicken.

But I’m trying to gain some joy in the process by sharing my chronicles.


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